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How is Malaysia confronting its present economic challenges given the recent global turmoil?

By Marc Djandji, CFA In this article, we are examining some of the economic issues facing Malaysia. The country seeks to embark on its various economic development growth strategies, while trying to come up with solutions to resolve its debt woes. This has been quite a challenging task for Malaysian Prime Minister, NajibRazak as he seeks to outline various plans to boost the economy in Malaysia during the u ...

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International Real Estate: Is It Worth Investing in Singaporean REITs?

By Marc Djandji, CFA International Real Estate: Is It Worth Investing in Singaporean REITs? Figure 1: One year performance of FTSE S-REITs vs STI; Source: Bloomberg S-REITs outperformed the Straits Time Index (STI) in 2012. But having run up so much we ask: do fundamentals support further gains?  Figure 2: Select Average Country REIT Yield as of Jun 2012. Source: CBRE, Bloomberg Firstly, REITs in Singapore ...

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How Dollarization Could Impact on Cambodia & Vietnam

By Marc Djandji, CFA The global economy is still fragile as the European debt saga continues and there are battles ahead between the Congress and President in the US. No one is quite sure when the bond buying binge by the Federal Reserve will stop. As it seems for a medium term, that is the only game in town. With Europe still trying to figure out its mess, the US myriad in its fiscal mess; the Arab world i ...

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